Mgr. Michal Horáček, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of the Department of Synthesis and Catalysis
link to J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry

Scientific Activities:

Organometallic and coordination chemistry of early transition metals.
- Preparation and characterization of transition metal complexes.
- Chemistry of low-valent and multinuclear metallocene complexes.
- Study of steric and electronic effects of transition metal complexes.
- Chemistry of cyclooctatetraene derivatives.
- Modification of cyclopentadienyl ligands by substitution of cyclopentadienyl ring.
Catalysis of transformations of unsaturated hydrocarbons by transition metal complexes. Investigation of catalytic centers and reaction mechanisms.
- Linear dimerization of terminal alkynes.
- Polymerization of olefins.
- Oligomerization of alkynes.
Investigation of relations between the structure of early transition metal complexes and their catalytic and physicochemical properties.

A combination of vacuum and inert gas techniques for syntheses of new compounds.

ESR spectroscopy of transition metal complexes and organic radicals.

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