New publication (March 2020)

Hydrodehalogenation of organohalides by Et3SiH catalysed by group 4 metal complexes and B(C6F5)3)

David Dunlop, Jiří Pinkas, Michal Horáček,
Naděžda Žilková, Martin Lamač

Dalton Trans., 2020, 49, 2771–2775.



Catalytic hydrodehalogenation (HDH) of aliphatic organohalides such as trifluorotoluenes by Et3SiH proceeds in the presence of readily available group 4 metal compounds: Cp′2MX2 (Cp′= η5-C5H5 or η5-C5Me5; X = F, Cl, or Me; M = Ti, Zr, or Hf), CpTiCl3 and TiCl4 with a catalytic amount of B(C6F5)3. The use of metallocenes in combination with the borane activator leads to a better selectivity of the reaction, i.e., suppression of Friedel–Crafts alkylations of arenes.

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