New publication (January 2021)

Sunlight-induced dehydrogenation rearrangement of the dititanium complex [Ti(η5-C5HMe4)(μ-η1:η5-C5Me4)]2

Róbert Gyepes, Jiří Pinkas, Jiří Kubišta,
Karel Mach, Michal Horáček

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2021, 934, 121663.



- Sunlight photolysis of the title dititanium complex induces its dehydrogenative rearrangement.
- The far main product contains four bridging moieties - µ-CH, CH2, H and octamethylfulvalene.
- Bridging µ-H is responsible for very short Ti-Ti distance and strong distortion of octamethylfulvalene.
- Minor octamethylfulvalene byproducts with one less bridging moiety were isolated.
- Common octamethylfulvalene ligand exerts mutually rotated rings (~40 °).

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