The experimental equipment includes a synthetic laboratory capable of handling highly air- and moisture sensitive materials. The sealed glass lines are used for reactions and manipulations with air- and moisture-sensitive compounds under an argon atmosphere using standard Schlenk techniques, in vacuum or a glovebox under purified nitrogen. The solvents are appropriately dried and purified by a solvent purification system (PureSolv MD 7; Innovative Technology, Inc.).

Instrumentation in the laboratory used for spectroscopic characterization include:
- NMR spectrometer Varian Mercury 300
- ESR spectrometer MiniScope MS400 (Magnettech)
- Nicolet Avatar FT IR spectrometer
- UV−near IR spectrometer Varian Cary 17D spectrometer
-Thermo Focus DSQ GC-MS analyser
Instrumentation in the laboratory used for catalytic tests include:
- 250 mL Büchi glass double-jacketed polymerization autoclave equipped with a magnetic stirrer
- 100 mL high pressure picoclave Büchi reactors equipped with cyclone 075 agitator with integrated magnetic coupling
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